The Design

The design of a garden can be undertaken as one complete project, or divided into many sections. Often this is related to seasonal variations, budgets or streamlining with other services such as builders, architects, interior designers etc.

Many garden owners stage the design and construction of the project over a period of time to help overcome these constraints.

The Concept Plan

The following list gives a typical example of the design process for an average garden.

  1. Initial consultation with client on site to discuss landscaping needs.
  2. After being provided with a site survey and house plans by the client, Chris and Charlotte prepare a concept landscape plan.
  3. Concept Plan is then discussed with the Client. If necessary, alterations are made.

The Master Plan

  1. For residential work, Master Plans may sometimes need to be submitted to Council. All commercial developments need to be submitted to Council.
  2. Preparation of planting plan(s) and detail plan(s). If necessary engineers plans will also be needed, especially for retaining walls.

Landscape Construction

Chris & Charlotte offer a project management service for obtaining quotes and the construction of the landscape work

N.B. Not all stages of the design process are necessary for every garden

Next Steps...

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